Steward’s Note

Author: Frathen Drothan
Released In:


Your job is to see that our arrivals and departures are well-documented and that their wages are paid, and keep an eye on my dear cousin. It is not to gossip with every new recruit about our far-reaching plans. We’ve already captured one assassin prowling the caves, the last thing we need is some spy of Helseth’s hearing all our goals from you. Commander Adrethi will debrief the troops as neccessary at his own discretion.

On Turdas I’m taking a detachment through the doorway with me. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but in the unlikely case that there is cause to disrupt my excursion, read the most recent entry in my journal. You’ll find it in my cabin, on the desk. Don’t go in there for any other reason! Discretion above all; we don’t want our Imperial enemies to know what our plans are.

Death to the Empire.

Arch-Mage Frathen Drothan

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