Mirili’s List

Author: Mirili Ulven
Released In:

I, Mirili Ulven of Highcross, will pay for samples of the following items, the sum of 10 coins each. As I only need one sample of each, I shall not pay for duplicates.

Alocasia Fruit
Aster Bloom Core
Black Tar
Blister Pod Cap
Congealed Putrescence
Digestive Slime
Elytra Ichor
Flame Stalk
Fungus Stalk
Gas Bladder
Gnarl Bark
Grummite Eggs
Hound Tooth
Hunger Tongue
Hydnum Azure Giant Spore
Pod Pit
Rot Scale
Scalon Fin
Screaming Maw
Shambles Marrow
Swamp Tentacle
Thorn Hook
Void Essence
Watcher’s Eye
Withering Moon
Worm’s Head Cap

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