Taxidermy Needs List

Released In:
Author (in-game): Melisi Daren

I specialize in the finest reconstructions of creatures from across the face of Cyrodiil. I am ready to create my marvels of taxidermy, but require a small portion of each appropriate creature in order to make the likeness complete.

Stuffed Bear:

Bear Pelt

Stuffed Wolf:

Wolf Pelt

Stuffed Minotaur:

Minotaur Horn

Stuffed Mountain Lion:

Lion Hide

Stuffed Ogre:

Ogre Teeth

Stuffed Clannfear:

Clannfear Claws

Stuffed Deadroth:

Deadroth Teeth

Stuffed Troll:

Troll Fat

Melisi Daren, Taxidermist

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