Log of Emma May

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

…after taking aboard a few more crates in Leyawiin, Captain Laughton pointed the May north towards the Imperial City. We pleaded with him to wait until the next morn, but he insisted on continuing despite the look of the sky. Let it be known that this decision was his.

Tuesday 14 Last Seed 3E421

Wasn’t long before the May hit the storm. It was just as we suspected, far too dangerous to sail through. With the last bit of daylight disappearing, Navigator Quillan spotted an inlet off the starboard bow. The Captain ordered the wheelman to steer towards the inlet in the hopes of getting the May out of Niben Bay. It was at that moment Gable gave me the signal and we struck. He’d always had an eye for the Captain’s position, and with the chaos going on, this was a better time than any. Only that idiot, Blakeley was still loyal to the Captain, but the rest of us wanted the May. The fight lasted maybe a minute or two. Blakeley and Laughton knew that fighting was futile. We tossed them down below and now Captain Gable has set the May on course for the inlet. Hopefully we can get her secured for a while and then…

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