Undelivered Letter [Jalbert]

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Aluc, my friend -

I apologize that I have not written before now, and pray that you worry not. How could you have known that your patrol would stumble across my outing at the cemetary? There was no denying my deed; a sack full of limbs and grave-soil still fresh on my boots. With your men standing by, what choice was there but pursuit, lest they suspect your own true nature? Truly, I am glad it was you to expose me, and not another whose spellfire may not have missed my escape so widely!

My new haven provides safety and bodies to work on, whether those long-dead or hapless bandits; I will be content here for some time, though I dare not yet to say where. Care for Caessue, and know that when the time comes, I shall return to live again in our beloved Daggerfall. Until then, Captain Cardius, remain vigilant and always hidden.

- Jalbert

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