Telaendril’s Ocheeva Note

Author: Telaendril
Released In:

Most Honorable Ocheeva,

As per your instructions, I will, from this day forward, leave the solitude of the Sanctuary and maintain the following posts:

Loredas and Sundas — I will travel to, and remain in, the city of Leyawiin. There I will spy any and all vessels entering into the Imperial Province by sea. Upon my return to the Sanctuary, I will report on which ships have sailed the Niben northward to the Imperial City.

Tirdas — I am to spend my day here in Cheydinhal, in the establishment known as the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn. There I will spy the citizens of this city, and report back on anyone I deem a threat to Sanctuary security.

Turdas — I will remain in Cheydinhal, but keep a watchful eye on the Sanctuary entrance. At the first sign of suspicious activity, I am to report back to you immediately.

My thanks again to you, Ocheeva. Your reliance on my gift for subterfuge will serve the Brotherhood well. Of this I promise.

May we walk always in the Shadow of Sithis.


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