Conjurer’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Librarian Note:

Originally separate ingame, kept together because they share the same title and are both found in Fort Bulwark

Conjurer’s Note [Prisoner]

The prisoner remains uncooperative.

There is little doubt that he was on his own, and none will come to his aid. It has been made clear to him that unless he reveals what he knows, he shall pay most dearly. And yet still he holds out.

We give it one more week. If he does not help us reach the Shield, he is to be disposed of, preferrably in a manner most painful.

Conjurer’s Note [Shield]


The Shield is here. We know this, and yet we have not found it.

The fort has been cleansed, and yet still it eludes us. No doubt it was hidden from eyes such as ours, hidden with the intent to keep it from those who would learn its secrets.

The gate to the lower levels no longer halts our progress. Make note of the candles along the walls if you would pass through.

The fort must be held at all costs if we are to succeed. Let none enter. Leave no foe standing.

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