Faded Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

I don’t think I’ll live much longer. My wine supply is thinning, only one bottle left. Bernice’s wine is worthless! I would have lasted longer on Gnarl bark. I’d go back home to resupply, but Brithaur, that maggot, has stolen my house. It’s not just him, though, it’s also the others. I can’t leave the safety of the roof. They have a plan for me, I see it in their eyes. Caldana, Earil, Cutter, ALL OF THEM!

They don’t know I’m up here, watching. Not much longer, though. At least they won’t find me or my stash. I’ve put all my favorite things in an urn, and sunken it in the sewage near the back of Bernice’s dive.

I think I’ll drink that last bottle to celebrate.

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