An Undelivered Letter

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Filide -

It's so dark in this place. We were beset by the monsters after discovering this accursed city under the mountain. I was separated from most of the others in the madness, watched men ten times my superior fall in combat against them. I'll never forget their screams echoing in the vastness, nor the blood splashing against the pale stones, staining the faces of our attackers in their cannibalistic frenzy.

Drothan's a madman. I should have listened to you, brother. I was so eager to prove myself, to be a part of something. I was so proud to send a part of my wages home to mother. Please, tell her I died honorably. I volunteered for Drothan's escort into this forsaken city, watched as he sealed the door behind us. When the slaughter began, I saw him flee in the shadows, Dagon take the s'wit.

I left Mournhold to prove myself, and only proven to be a fool. This place is cold, muthsera, and the screams are diminishing. I fear they may start hunting for the rest of us soon. I cannot find my way out, and their eyes are so keen in the murky dark.

I know this letter will never reach you, brother, but Vivec willing, when the winds blow east over the Peaks of Valus and Velothi, may they carry my final thoughts to you. I love you, brother. I'm so sorry. Farewell.

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