Torturer’s Note: Temper’s Fork

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

That Orc we captured was tougher than the first, but she became quite malleable once I cooked her up a bit. As you requested, I asked her how to pass the second door into the deepest section of the keep. You were right about that area being the most defensible, as the Orc was very reluctant to give up that information. Unlike the other, she was willing to die before entering the sequence of symbols for us. I had to melt her eyes before she would even hint at it.

The symbols on the pressure plates around the door correspond to the Orc clans who founded this city. The order we have to press them is the order in which they fell during the siege of Orsinium. That’s all I could get from her before she became delirious and started ranting about the hidden children of Malacath.

History isn’t my strong point, but we’ll search the ruins to find clues as to which clan did what and where. My best guess is that whichever clan lived outdoors is first, followed by the clan that inhabited this pit. The next one is tricky, because we don’t know what lies beyond that door. It’ll be something damn important to the Orcs, that’s for sure. And the last has to be the ruling clan, unless any of the others survived the siege.

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