Tommy Bones’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Tommy Bones

12, Second Seed

More worms in the bread. Damned swamp. Nothing stays dry down here. Can barely sit down without soiling the seat of my trousers in some puddle of muck. To Oblivion with this place. I’ll take my mates to the Alik’r. Better to die of thirst than swamp lung.

14, Second Seed

I take it all back! There’s a treasure here. Not some creaky lock-box or tarnished necklace neither! A real treasure! She calls herself Dyzera. By Orkey, the curves on this one! Like something out of a twisted dream.

We struck a bargain. I send lads out to look for some Azura cultists, and she gives me gifts! One present each! Looks like my ship’s finally come in.

28, Second Seed

It’s done! My mates tracked down these Azura cultists, just as easy as you please. Dyzera was good as her word. Gave me a handful of trinkets. I’ve never seen the like! A “Night Cowl” that turns me invisible, a “Spinning Brooch” that drives the ladies mad, and a “Bulging Purse” full of gold that never runs dry! Look out, Tamriel! There’s never been a bandit like ‘ole Tommy Bones! I’m going to grab this world by the arse and never let go!

2, Midyear

What have I done? Damn it all, what have I done? Lies! All lies! These trinkets are poison! Whoever reads this, don’t touch them! Don’t–

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