My Dearest Love

Author: Neeti-Ma
Released In:

To my Deem-Jei,

My hope to see you again flickers like a lantern's flame in a heavy wind. I escaped my Telvanni masters only to be pursued by the Comonna Tong, a group I fear even more. I write this letter not knowing if it will ever reach you. If I will ever reach you. I seek an Orc by the name of Khartag. Rumors have swirled swiftly around Vvardenfell that he will assist slaves such as I. I write this as I search for him in the only place I have heard he visits, but I fear the Camonna Tong are close behind me. My hope flickers once more. To see you again, to feel your touch. To be free from the chains which bind me. I wish to write you more my love, but I fear someone is coming. Or perhaps some... thing.

Yours always, Neeti-Ma

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