Fanlyrion’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Fanlyrion

Another dead end. Of course. It’s not enough that I infiltrate Ceporah Tower, that I bluff my way into the Ritemaster’s personal library and find the mouldered scrap of parchment. It’s not enough that I scrape and claw my way into this realm of books and monsters.

I’m at the ritual site described. Where the parchment said I could gain dark wisdom. Now the words say I must align the aberrant stars. What stars? Am I supposed to wander aimlessly through this wasteland until I find them?

No, I have a better idea. There’s a town of some Mora-worshiping cultists nearby. I’ll grab one tomorrow and see if I can make them help me in this work.

For now, I rest. I’ve had such a headache ever since coming to this blasted place.

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