Letter from Quistley Silvelle

Released In:
Author (in-game): Quistley Silvelle


I know you have left the family’s service and have no wish to fulfill any further obligations to my parents. However, I find that I am in need of your assistance with a personal matter—one that is quite important to me. This has nothing to do with my parents. In fact, I would prefer they not learn of it.

You and I cannot be said to be great friends, so I will not try to appeal to your sympathies. Instead I will simply offer something that may be of interest to you if you will assist me. I am in possession of a letter I found among my father’s documents. It was addressed to you, and was sent perhaps ten years ago. It pertains to your mother.

If that has piqued your interest, please meet me at Daggerfall’s Rosy Lion Inn as soon as possible. I will be in my usual spot, on the second floor.

Quistley Silvelle

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