Rolea’s Journal

Author: Rolea
Released In:

Moon Hunter Keep is our last chance. The Silver Dawn has already killed the rest of the pack, and by Sovngarde, I won't lose Horth too. We have to make our way to Shadowfen.

There's always safety in numbers, and it's rumored that there's no pack as large of Vykosa's. They've already defeated the Silver Dawn in battle. Troll's blood, they've even taken the order's own keep! If anyone can protect us, it's them.

The Moon Hunter Pack isn't quite as welcoming as I hoped. Perhaps I was a fool to see this place as a safe haven, but still. Something here doesn't sit right with me.

As soon as we arrived, we were met with distrust. Horth told me that's just how most packs are. We would first have to prove our loyalty and strength to be truly accepted. Though that may be true, there's a certain malice in the eyes of these pack members that fill me with dread.

I'm so sorry, Horth. I thought this was our chance. To finally be safe. To finally stop running. But I was wrong. I knew I was wrong, the moment we stepped into this dreadful place.

But we survived. Together, we escaped that cursed hedge maze. Together, we shouldered the pack's abuse and insults. The things we did to prove ourselves, they haunt me still. But we survived.

And then the Archivist called you, and we were separated. For the first time I felt dread, true dread, that you weren't going to come back to me. And you didn't.

I'm sorry. You're dead, and I can't even avenge your death. I'm too broken to fight back. I'm too broken to even run.

May you find peace within the Hunting Grounds. And may I join you there soon.

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