Summons to Deadlight

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sister Celdina

Brothers and sisters in the Waking Flame,

The Citadel of Deadlight has served us well as temple, novitiate, and headquarters. Our lord, Mehrunes Dagon, saw fit to visit his blessed destruction upon this unfortunate plane, and he gave Deadlight into our keeping as a sign of his favor.

The time has come for Deadlight to serve its final purpose as an impregnable retreat where we can prepare for victory. Hidden within this secluded realm, we will bring our lord’s Incarnates to life—not just one living disaster, but an army of them.

We must now make Deadlight a fortress without a door. The portals leading to other bases and realms are to be severed, save one: the Western Gate on the river of lava beyond the Blood Pit. This portal will remain open, secured by key and cipher so that those who can join us in Deadlight can complete the journey.

Until we seal the gate, it will be guarded by a potent ward against Daedric beings. We can no longer trust others who serve our lord, Mehrunes Dagon. They are jealous of our success and will displace us if we allow them to. With or without a portal key, they shall be shut out.

Come to Deadlight, my brothers and sisters. Our final task is at hand.

Sister Celdina

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