Borzugh’s Letter

Author: Borzugh gro-Morkul
Released In:

Greetings Historian Maaga! Your letter will encourage the bandits of Torog's Spite to continue in our endeavors. As you know from studying history, the Bretons and Redguards have betrayed us more callously and more often than any of the other races of Tamriel. Thus, we of Clan Morkul have always been opposed to the decision to join the Daggerfall Covenant.

I specifically vowed to target the Chauvry estate because they still were held in great esteem from the Bretons' other noble houses. Killing them was satisfying, and I am proud to claim credit for the raid for Clan Morkul. I hope this will contribute to the Orcs' withdrawal from this absurd alliance.

— Borzugh gro-Morkul

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