Mezhun’s Field Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Mezhun

17th Frost’s Fall

Today Mezhun observed several Horker-Tusk tribesmen engaged in what he thought was a disgusting practice. They gorged themselves on boar meat and then forced themselves to vomit the food back up into their bowls. This one was truly shocked, however, when the riekr then traded bowls and ate their fellow tribesmen’s vomit. Mezhun lost his own lunch at the sight of this, but Master Sterone was enthralled. He insists this behavior is indicative of a high-level of tribal intimacy. He even suggested that the riekr were more civilized than we are in this respect. This one has so much to learn.

25th Frost’s Fall

For several days, it seemed as if the riekr were going to allow Mezhun to travel freely within the cavern, but that all changed last night. King Umezeduluth invited this one to dance with him. Mezhun was nervous, but Master Sterone insisted that this was an incredible opportunity. The dance was fast and strange, but things were going well until the king became obsessed with this one’s fur. He seemed to appreciate its warmth and began making gestures suggesting he wanted a coat made out of it. Mezhun was startled and pulled away, which seems to have driven the king into a rage. The riekr have since kept this one across the cavern and prevented him from going very far. Master Sterone says everything will be fine if Mezhun simply cooperates. This one hopes he will someday have as much wisdom and patience as Master Sterone.

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