On the Work at Alavelis

Released In:
Author (in-game): Rector Nyleth

Master Shelreni,

Our work here in Alavelis nears completion. The Hidden Kindred have followed your instructions carefully. The gateway will be ready as directed, and the stone you requested to rebuild the sacred statue is now on its way to the destination you provided. The Prince’s shrine will soon be restored to its former glory!

The Dremora, Torvesard, has arrived. He wants us to prepare to join the incursion into Apocrypha. He tells me he will soon know exactly where we need to go to find the door he saw in his dream. I’m not sure I trust an unaligned Daedra, but our Princes ordered us to obey him.

For the glory of the Dreamweaver and the Prince of Pestilence,
Kindred Rector Nyleth

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