Commodore’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

We terrorized the Abecean Sea for more than a decade and now these witless ingrates lose their spines because we’re a tad outnumbered. “They need a miracle,” they say. Well, I’ll give them a miracle, all right. There’s power in these baubles of the druids. I don’t speak their old, forgotten tongue, but I know the language of magic well enough to understand this tome holds the answer.

Druids of the deep called on powers with no equal, they say. That holds true, by my reckoning. There’s a ritual in this tome that will make my fleet invincible. So long as the spell holds and the idols remain intact, our crews will never truly die. We’ll make those Wayrest ring-kissers rue the day they thought they could punish us for taking our due.

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