Balith’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Balith

Entry 42

Lights again. I didn’t think much of it last night, just the glimmer of stars on a calm sea and the bleariness of my eyes at the late hour. They’re back again tonight and closer, I think. Well beyond my ability to glimpse at any rate. Just the odd flicker or flash.

Entry 43

Storms rolling in. Sky over the sea’s turning steely. Must have been what I’d seen the last few nights. Thunder and lightning. I should know better.

Entry 44

I’ve never seen a storm just sort of creep. It’s just sort of lingering out at sea, like it’s hardly moved. Waiting. I don’t like it. I’m going to board up the windows and check the levy tomorrow.

Entry 45

There’s a ship! I can just make out the shape in the haze. There’s a glow like lamps, but the light’s cool. How long has it been caught in that storm, I wonder? Hope they’re alright. Not much I can do from here. I’ll keep an eye out. The least I can do is run to the port for help if they’re sunk in the storm.

Entry 46

Tava’s red feathers! The ship is the storm! A merchant galley was passing near the coast tonight as I was hauling in my nets, and it was like a rod to the lightning. That creeping storm whipped up like a hurricane and lunged at the fat little trader vessel like it was alive. The ship I thought the storm had swallowed was at its head, dragging the clouds like a net around the slower ship. It spat lightning at galley’s sails and buffeted it on wind and waves.

I didn’t dare move, watching helpless as the storm-ship overtook the galley. I could barely hear shouts and screams over the thunder. My desire to flee finally shook me free of my horror and I thanked my blessings that I’d gone overlooked.

Entry 47

They’re coming. Find Alina. Tell her I love her. Pray for me.

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