A Challenger’s Thoughts

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nunullion Aran

By Nunullion Aran, Arena Challenger

After much supplication, Fa-Nuit-Hen’s assistant, called Tutor Riparius, allowed me to visit this place. I asked for somewhere I could be alone with my thoughts. A place to center myself before taking on the arena challenges I heard so much about. So, I am allowed to take my moment of respite here, in the Hall of Barons. Tutor Riparius was very clear about this being a high honor, so I shall respect that and leave nothing but a record of my impressions here. Whatever happens in the arena challenges, I, Nunullion Aran, was in Bedlam Veil.

It is very quiet here, still in a way which would be unnerving back in the wilds of Tamriel. Stillness usually suggests danger, hidden predators, and impending attack. But that is not the case in the hall where the stillness heralds only more quiet. Here, on paper, I can admit to feeling the first pangs of fear. I was prepared to fight to the death to impress Fa-Nuit-Hen. I thought that having a few moments to gather myself would help, but in this unnatural stillness, I am second guessing my own preparation and routine.

But I cannot doubt. Fa-Nuit-Hen invited me here. I am wanted and I am powerful. These are the traits that I must remember, no matter what happens next. Regardless, I may take more time here. To center my mind and breathe until the stillness no longer bothers me. That will be my sign that I am ready to face what lies ahead.

I will face the arenas when I am ready for them and they are ready for me. Until that time, I will sit in the Hall of Barons and gaze into the horizon of a realm few have ever seen.

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