Azin-jo’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Azin-jo

This one feel his days grow longer as his time grows shorter. He prays that Alkosh will grant him the strength to continue his duties. He is but one old Khajiit who does not shoulder the burden of his temple’s greatness with the vigor it deserves.

* * *
Azin-jo’s thoughts turn to friends and family long gone. He has not seen those who drifted from the faith in a long time, and he has buried all who stayed. He is afraid when his time comes, there will be no one to do the same for him.

* * *
How is it Khajiit can forget their greatest god, when Azin-jo is never without Alkosh’s presence in his heart of hearts? He knows he should not disdain Riddle’thar, but a Mane should lead us to honor the Divines, not supplant them! Even Rajhin knows how to share!

* * *
This one does not know how to put this to words, but he knows he must record this miracle for posterity. Azin-jo was visited by Alkosh this day. Not as a dream or vision, but real as the stone beneath his feet! As this one prayed in the chancel, he was bathed in shadow. It had been a clear day and he had not prayed so long that the sun had set on him. This one was not prepared for what he saw when he raised his head.

Descending from the sky was a great Dragon, golden as the sun and radiant in its rays! The Dragon King of Cats has finally returned to the mountain in the hour of our need. Azin-jo threw himself to the ground and gave thanks to Alkosh for answering the prayers of his undeserving servant. This is what Great Alkosh said unto him in his voice of thunder:

“Go to your kind and tell them of my return. Bring them to this temple and rebuild it. Those with the faith to serve me will have a place in the future to come.”

Tomorrow Azin-jo will descend the mountain and spread the glorious news!

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