To Warlord Ice-Heart

Author: Author: Vulture
Released In:

Warlord Ice-heart,

I risk everything by betraying my people for this promised gold and the right to sell exclusively to your clans. There can’t be any delay or mistakes—I’ve already given a portion of the gold to a group of Khajiiti traders in order to solidify my other endeavors in Orsinium.

The supply caravans will arrive soon through the Merchant’s Gate, with food enough to support the outlying clans through the upcoming winter. The caravan also carries furs, medicines, and other supplies. They should serve your clans very well. Just refer to the schedule I provided and you should be able to catch each one unawares.

Strike quickly and use your harpies to fly the supplies to your camp. Just be warned: Chief Bazrag and his soldiers have been patrolling the trade roads. That Orc is a ruthless bastard. I suggest you tell your warriors to do their best to avoid him.


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