Risa’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Risa Uvaril

My name is Risa Uvaril. My restless and reckless nature led me to this place. I longed for adventure, to prove myself, to see the world. My poor mother longed for me to find steady work, to be safe, to one day put a grandchild in her arms. I would not listen. I could not.

I don’t have long to live. I feel the coldness of the snake venom slithering through my veins. I am out of potions. I thought to face the trial of the Ghost Snake, to walk the Coiled Path. A Mabrigash wisewoman warned me against it. Curse my restless, reckless nature. I ignored her.

I’m not afraid, but I do have one sorrow. The amulet my mother gave me was lost when the snake delivered the poison that’s now killing me. I regret that my last words to my mother were hard ones. Cold, willful. And that I lost the amulet my mother gave to me when I was a young girl.

If you’re reading this, may you fare better on the Coiled Path than I. If you find a small gold amulet engraved with an R on one of the serpents, take it to my mother. Aneyda Uvaril at Tal’Deic Fortress.

Tell her my last thoughts were of her.

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