Note from Lady Weatherleah

Author: Lady Weatherleah
Released In:

If you are reading this letter, then Betu trusted you with our hidden fortune.

I had hoped that, one day, I’d pass these treasures on to my son, Uriel. But I learned recently that the woman I cared for like a daughter betrayed me. And so it became necessary to hide the fortune she is clearly so hungry to acquire.

I haven’t gathered all the proof yet, but I called upon a dear friend who can help bring her crimes to light. If I don’t live long enough to see her downfall, let this document serve to make my final wishes clear.

My dear dog Betu, and the staff that has looked after the both of us while I retreated into my grief, are to receive my remaining fortune and the estate. They are what remains of my family, and through them the memory of my dear Uriel will live on.

To Edric and Otho, I thank you for making my grieving a little more comfortable. I hope this fortune helps you look after the greatest gift my son ever gave me. My dear and faithful Betu.

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