Firras’ Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Firra

Given the ongoing combat, I leave this in the hopes of explaining my actions if I do not live to see the end of the struggle. I am Firras, a stormwarden. I betrayed my order as I love my people more than those who rule us.

Long ago, the stormwardens were Ayleid, but now their bastion of power is under our control. Instead of using this to our advantage and bringing wealth and power to our people, we use it in the service of the Thalmor.

This means, in truth, we are servants of the Altmer!

We could use the Sphere against the Dominion, securing our coasts and forests against their ships. Or at least exact tolls to improve the lives of our people. But our leader Cirnean says this cannot be. We must live up to the standards of people long dead, and use the Sphere for the good of all mer. And I guess the good of the Khajiit too, though that was not specified.

So as my brothers will not help themselves, I turn to the invaders to force their hand. Either the Sea Vipers will kill the stormwardens and I’ll take control, or they’ll show the stormwardens we cannot rely on the Altmer to protect us.

Others may see me as a traitor, but I commit my sins for the greater good of the Bosmeri people!

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