Letter to Paathi

Author: Shola'mai
Released In:


I am worried. Shola'mai does not wish to spread rumors, but Moon Bishop Kulan-dro's behavior grows stranger by the day. He was late to midday meditation again, and muttered through the Tojay chant. This one knows it is forbidden to open his eyes during the mantras, but I could not help but take a peek. Kulan-dro's snout was twisted into a sneer, and his tail swept back and forth like a prayer bell. This alone would not raise Shola'mai's hackles-but his claws were tapping in time. They were clicking against the stone, again and again. It made this one's head swim!

We must send word to the Mane. I sense something dark in that rhythm. If the Bishop has bent, all of us are at risk.

Stay out of sight for the next few days, and if you hear the rhythm, flee the temple. Moons protect you,

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