Letter to Herminius Sophus

Author: J. Ithaka
Released In:

Herminius Sophus,

Despite the many times which I have written to you to advise you against this tour of the historical sites of Hammerfell, I have received notification that your ship leaves within the month. I strongly encourage you to reconsider this trip and stay with your dear sister Lepida in Reaper's March instead.

With that said, if my urging does not sway you, think instead of the scholars who have gone missing at Makela Leki's final resting place in the Sunken Road.

Aminyas for one, a High Elf mage of no small talent. I suspect he was there digging for information which might rekindle old grievances within the Daggerfall Covenant, as he went on his expedition shortly after the Covenant was formed.

Before him there was the late Morgaulle Dechery of Evermore who, generations ago, disappeared while writing a piece about King Joile's actions shortly after the incident occurred. The manuscript she was writing was doubtless the sort of political jockeying or apologist tripe which one expects from the period, but her death was still regrettable.

For your sister's sake, do not make me have to add your name to this list.

— J. Ithaka

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