Concerned Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Maibii


Many greetings, walker. This one writes you concerning Regulinus Bucco. You will remember him, I think. He is the hunching Imperial who talks too much and smells like stewed seepa beans. Maibii has heard that this Imperial has been re-selling product in the Market District. Some of the shaveskins there will not buy from Maibii—they prefer to do business with other shaveskins. The family had planned to hire an Imperial to conduct business there, but this bumbling dungheap Bucco has already claimed much of the market. The stories I have heard are too stupid to repeat.

Maibii reconsiders; she will repeat the stories because you need to know how stupid Bucco is. Apparently, he has been telling people that his skooma is “special.” “Shipped in from the furthest reaches of Elsweyr,” he says—as if he could even point Elsweyr out on a map. The Imperials believe him because they are just as stupid as he is. Bucco is sprinkling lettuce greens into the vials to make it appear more “natural.” You know these Imperials—obsessed with healthy living and products from distant provinces. I must give him this, at least; Bucco knows his customers.

Needless to say, this does not please Maibii. We cannot let stinking addicts like Bucco be the face of our product. This one urges you to talk to Bucco as soon as possible. Maibii would feel better if this talk involved a set of stone-knuckles and some hot coals, but feel free to improvise.

Much Luck and Good Light Moons,

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