Kynmarcher Strix’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Curse the Prince of Secrets!

I now see that my task in Bastion Nymic will be neither swift nor simple. Countless nymics are preserved within these walls, but only as intangible thoughts. To access them, one must go to the right place within this vast maze and command them to manifest in visible form. A tedious process of trial and error!

I expected some precautions, of course. But even when a nymic successfully manifests, Hermaeus Mora has a second safeguard in place. Each name is separated into its components and then stored in different places. No doubt there is a code or pass phrase that allows one to rebuild the nymics from their partial state. But if Mora’s steward made a record of that process, I have not yet found it.

For now, I have directed my Dreamcarvers to manifest and record every partial nymic they can find. We can puzzle them out later. But we could do so much more if only we understood the secret of Mora’s encryption!

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