Lord Gallio Valente’s Journal

Author: Lord Gallio Valente
Released In:

Why did I ever agree to marry that woman? Yes, she comes with an impressive fortune and I can certainly use the money, but she is annoyingly curious and wants to be an actual partner in this marriage! That’s not how I want to do things.

* * *
My first few weeks as a vampire were challenging, but it wasn’t long before I decided to take control of my destiny and make the most of my new condition. It wasn’t hard to form my own coven out of the disgruntled among Bogvir’s clan. Most of them hate that pushy vampire! Still, I have to hand it to Bogvir. He really hit a gold mine with that recipe he found in an old scroll. Too bad he isn’t as good an alchemist as he is a bloodthirsty vampire. I, on the other hand, am a very good alchemist.

* * *
Back home in my own alchemical laboratory and the tests are going exceedingly well. Yes, some of the first subjects turned into bloodfiends, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Of course, father has figured out what happened to me and is mad with grief and rage. I suppose I’ll need to do something about that. He lived a long life, so I’ll just consider it a mercy.

* * *
My idea is finally paying off. While a vampire can’t consume the elixir made from the mushrooms grown in vampire blood directly and survive long enough to reap the benefits, if the elixir is funneled through an intermediary, we receive the power without any of the poisonous effects. By floating the elixir in a solution of wine fermented from my alchemically prepared grapes seeds grown in soil enriched with the mushrooms, the wine can then be consumed by a non-vampire. This allows us to then feed off the non-vampire fortified with the wine and therefore receive the benefits of the elixir. The fact that we need to totally consume the vessel containing the wine is unfortunate, but acceptable. And the grapes give off a scent that makes vampires ravenous. At least two of my new clan defied my orders and consumed handfuls of the first harvest. They died horribly.

* * *
I call it Vesper Valente! A perfect vintage! Now to invite the leaders of nearby vampire covens to come bid on the wine. I’ll make a fortune. Enough to keep the vineyards in operation, to keep my miserable wife happy until I dispose of her, and to keep my family legacy intact. And all while I gain power by consuming my own product.

Through any mortal vassals and victims I acquire, of course.

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