Journal of Dionus Trutor

Released In:
Author (in-game): Dionus Trutor

Something important is locked away here! I don’t like the looks of that Carrier, though. It hasn’t reacted to our presence yet, but I suspect the Dwarves placed it here to punish careless intruders.

Now that I’ve seen this chamber with my own eyes, Vethenion’s cryptic doggerel makes more sense:

The Lord chases the Thief

The Lady pursues her Lord

The Steed runs after all of them

To bring the Thief his reward

Constellations, of course. In the course of the year, the order of the signs is Lord, Steed, Lady, and Thief last of all. If Vethenion is right, the solution begins with the Thief in the lead, and the Steed comes last.

The connection of the Thief, a winter sign, with the Stars of the North is obvious. And the Steed is prominent in the southern sky during the summer solstice. The Lord and the Lady are more obscure to me. Neither is connected to east or west during their seasons. Is the Star of the East the Lady, or the Lord?

I grow tired of waiting for Leidnan. Perhaps I shall try a little experiment.

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