To Investigator Mizzik

Author: Edric
Released In:


I apologize for letting my fear get the best of me. I was afraid telling you the truth would put your life at risk. I thought I could solve everything myself.

Before Lady Weatherleah’s death, I went through Pelena’s belongings. I had always suspected she was cruel, but lately she had grown erratic, nervous. Always looking over her shoulder.

When I searched her room I discovered her correspondence with Theophan Pictor. She had Uriel killed and now his assassin is here, wearing Uriel’s clothes and name like a cheap costume.

I gave Lady Weatherleah a letter to prove Pelena’s wrongdoing. I fear that, in doing so, I doomed her. When Pelena confronted me, she demanded I return her stolen letter. I refused. Told her I had hidden it. But she must have sensed my deceit. Known that I had revealed her betrayal to Lady Weatherleah.

I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.

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