Letter to Jazish

Released In:
Author (in-game): Jiyya

Jiyya’s dearest mate, Jazish,

This one writes with heavy heart. The High Elves are a curious sort, and not ones to be taken lightly as an outsider. Their attitude is one of perfection. While their disposition appears serious, their meanings run deep in every word. A seemingly innocent remark may hold the greatest of insults. In a sense, they remind Jiyya of the Khajiit, only most lack clever subtlety. Rather than leave this one thinking, Jiyya always knows sarcasm.

This one prays Baan Dar continues to bless her words. It’s a wonder Jiyya is still among such people, but Firsthold has proven profitable. Should business continue, this one may be seeing her Jazish very soon.

Love always,

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