Gray Host Intelligence Dispatch

Released In:
Author (in-game): Pentarch Hautring

Brothers and Sisters,

Our spies in Markarth report that members of the witch’s rebellion have infiltrated the city. They gather in homes and street corners, urging their filthy kin to leave the city and join them in the hills to the east. No normal, self-respecting mortal would trade a warm house for a bear-skin hovel, but as our Ashen Lord routinely reminds us, the Reachfolk are neither normal nor self-respecting.

We cannot allow any Reachfolk to evacuate the city. Any barbarian found wandering the hills and forests of this gods-forsaken land is fair game. Let these rebels fear the woods and flee the night. The sooner they die, the sooner our plans come to fruition.

Bound in Blood,

Pentarch Hautring

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