The Duchess of Anguish

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

It became necessary to relocate Sai Sahan when it became clear that standard interrogation techniques would not work. His will is very strong; no doubt forged during the years he spent training in solitude, attempting to restore the ancient Yokudan art of sword-singing. Despite his utter failure to manifest the spirit swords—a task that came as naturally as breathing to the ancient masters—Sai Sahan maintains an unusually strong sense of self.

When it was determined that he could resist or outright ignore physical pain, I had him relocated from the dungeons beneath the Imperial City to a location that might be better suited to break his will and extract the information I seek. My contacts amongst Molag Bal’s Daedric servants were receptive to the suggestion; after all, it had been years since any of them had the challenge of breaking a subject with such a strong will.

The lovely Duchess of Anguish has a touch that is like razors against the flesh. Her voice sears the mind and soul, her lips are coated in venom, and her intellect is as sharp as her tongue. She has practiced her art for uncounted centuries, and I am confident she will extract the information from the Redguard without killing him.

I suppose the Redguard will need to be disposed of when this is over. Once the information is mine, perhaps I will give him to the Duchess as a gift. She will almost certainly kill him, I think, but first she will enjoy him as a plaything for many long years.

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