Excerpt from al-Danobia Heist Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

We must bypass Tu’wacca’s Pillars to open HoonDing’s Passage. After this, walking Malooc’s Path will gain us the sacred ashes in Tall Papa’s Ewer. These will reveal Shinji’s Truth, and from there we arrive at the treasure vaults.

Bypassing Tu’wacca’s Pillars is the first matter. Why else would there be a lock with the adornments of Yokudan generals plastered into the walls? If my knowledge is correct, and thus far it has been, then the lock makes reference to the stories based on the siblings Narimaya and Tunaska. I’ll need to seek out the texts and see if anything will help me.

I’ve found an excerpt from an old text that may relate to the vaults. I’m jotting this down for future reference:

“And so each of the siblings stood upon the battlefield, facing each other in the calm of the night as the bodies of their armies lay at their feet. The flames flickered and burned all around them casting a soft golden hue on the battlefield. Tunaska stood to the north, surrounded by his generals, Akishu and Buhliz. To the south, Narimaya faced back, her two trusted advisors surrounding her; Nishka and Puntru. They both knew, this would be their final battle. This would be the fight that would open the gates of life or death for both of them.”

Clearly this means that each of the generals stood in the center of their advisors. A possible clue for the vault? Now I just need to get into that room and see if I can decipher the order of the generals. And the mention of flames? Directions? All of this may be vital.

I should keep my eyes open for anything that would indicate an order when paired with this phrase of text. Something in the room must hint at this. An order or a number? Something. I feel good about this. That treasure will be ours soon!

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