Spectral Assassins

Released In:
Author (in-game): Exarch Tzinghalis

Lord Rada al-Saran always reminds me, “Exarch Tzinghalis, my beloved brother, write down everything. You never know what may someday be important.”

It is a lesson I have taken to heart.

My experiments with the front-line warriors have exceeded even my lofty expectations. Why settle for only vampire and werewolf combatants when we can employ spectral soldiers that will fight for us and guard Castle Grayhome for all eternity?

Using techniques pioneered by our reluctant brother and perfected by yours truly, I have crafted a method for pulling the life energy out of a vampire or werewolf, super-charging it, and turning an individual corporeal warrior into an incorporeal soldier of great tenacity and utter loyalty. The perfect spectral soldier!

When time permits, I shall find a way to speed up the process so that we can create an entire battalion or more of these ghostly warriors. Then the Gray Host truly will be unstoppable!

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