Faenalir’s Letter

Author: Faenalir
Released In:

My dearest brother,

I promised that I would stop writing these, but I found that putting all the words I would say to you on paper has made the pain of your passing easier to deal with.

You'd be proud of me, Aradros has taken me under his wing and given me the task of convincing the Oathsworn's leader—Dulzush Forgefire—to join our cause. Say what you want about the Oathsworn, but you cannot deny that they are strong in their convictions. I hoped that she felt the same emptiness plaguing Nirn that I did. An aching hole where something should be, but nothing is. She did, which surprised me and filled me with a false sense of hope. But she had a different relationship with the feeling. She called it the Fist of Malauch. These Orcs attribute all their comfort to their outcast warrior god.

I guess I should have known that convincing her to join us would take more than one conversation. I tried other methods, Anthelmir's adored torture, Rethelros's pack-bonding exercises. All I was left with was dead Orcs and an injured forgemaster. We stayed confined to the Lodge of the Forge, attempting to have the heat of the pit help turn Dulzush to the Recollection, but this Orc is made of stubborn stuff. She's lasted in the forge without water for longer than I thought possible and she still has the strength to mock me for my water flask.

The Oathsworn fight with a fervor I haven't seen before. I don't mean to be confusing. The Oathsworn are not as fearsome as their reputation makes them seem, but they are a stubborn sort. I've slaughtered and burnt countless bodies before their compatriots, but the Oathsworn refuse to turn. What do we have to do to convince them of our cause? I hope Aradros has an idea, otherwise our journey here will be for nothing apart from one staff and a lot of dead Orcs.

I don't hold out much hope. Each time he speaks, I expect Aradros to command me to kill Dulzush Forgefire. Truthfully, I don't know if I fear that command or if I welcome it. Either way, I doubt we'll linger in the pit much longer.

Until next time,

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