Letter from Ajim-Jaa

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ajim-Jaa


I need you to take a second away from your carvings and really listen. As your egg-brother, it’s up to me to look after you and make sure you don’t fall into trouble. And I can’t think of any bigger trouble to avoid than that Shadowscale who calls herself arbitrator.

She may seem docile enough at first, what with her advance age and blindness, but there’s still a hard look in those white eyes of hers. Don’t forget, Shadowscales are trained since their hatching to do one thing, and that’s kill. Without hesitation, without remorse. I can guaranteed that she has killed before, and I can also damn well guarantee she’ll kill again.

Just keep your distance, all right? And if you see her in the street, treat her with respect. Because if she decides you’re dead, even your savvy egg-brother won’t able to save you.


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