Anonymous Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

—Day 26

The plague is slowly spreading from Quarantine Serk, covering Deshaan like a black rain. Vox will be pleased. Many have left Narsis for Mournhold. They think they’ll be safe there, but they can’t escape the coming reckoning.

—Day 32

The substance isn’t strong enough when added to water. The solution becomes diluted, and most of the effective properties fade. So putting it in wells won’t work. Until we can formulate a stronger version, we need to look for other ways to spread the plague.

—Day 42

We figured out how to spread the plague. By injecting the substance into a corpse’s blood and letting it fester, the plague’s potency increases tenfold! It must be the dead blood. We need more bodies. Luckily, Narsis can provide an abundant supply.

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