The Library of Arkthzand

Author: Pentarch Cievernes
Released In:

We reached the ruins that Lady Belain calls the Library of Arkthzand. It doesn't look like a library to me. Belain's obsession with awakening this dark relic concerns me. I think centuries of isolation have taken their toll.

The relic's presence seems to have created some strange energy pockets. Lady Belain claims her people harnessed the power of the energy to move short distances. To reach otherwise inaccessible locations. The Ashen Lord has tasked me to investigate this phenomenon further, as it could be of great benefit to the Gray Host. I shall do my best to confirm the application of these void portals.

I will be cautious, however. I have seen what happens over time to those who draw sustenance from the darkness here. It is no way to live. I understand this alliance with Lady Belain is necessary to the Gray Host's goals, but we cannot become entrapped in her madness.

Pentarch Cievernes

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