Curative Batch Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nostrum Breva

Curative Batch Six
Useless! Absolutely useless! The curative isn’t going to meet our mistress’ demanding standards if it simply kills the person who ingests it! If we were trying to create a new poison, then we’d be wildly successful. But that isn’t the task at hand.Reduce the amount of dried corpse blood and try again. And watch the temperature in those cauldrons. One of them was dangerously close to boiling over—and I for one have no desire to be drenched in a spray of boiling curative.—Nostrum Breva
Curative Batch Fifteen

This batch of the curative was so close to perfect. Unfortunately, it was a tad too effective. The afflicted turned into violent husks far more quickly than we had hoped for at this point in the process. Perhaps this particular mixture will be useful later, when we need a quick influx of undead soldiers, but for now this batch won’t suffice.

An interesting side effect of this version of the curative concerns the level of aggressiveness demonstrated by the newly created husks. They turn immediately violent and consider everything that moves to be an enemy. Or food.

These husks also demonstrated a total disregard for the husk scent we apply when working in close proximity to them. They attacked our workers as soon as they saw them, indicating that the scent no longer masks us from husks created with this version of the curative.

Let’s increase the cooking time by one hour and decrease the amount of wolf bile by twenty-five percent.

—Nostrum Breva

Curative Batch Nineteen

Ah, finally. Perfection! The latest batch of curative starts the affliction, progresses the plague at a reasonable rate of speed, and then turns the afflicted into plague husks seventy percent of the time. Now we have a superior version of the plague and an effective way to dispense it.

Of course, handing out curatives can be a slow process, especially in the larger towns and cities. Before we begin operations in Mournhold, we’ll need a faster way to disperse the plague. But that’s not my task at this moment. Besides, I’m sure that Alchemist Merdyndril is tackling this problem even as I write these notes.

I should also record that I’ve perfected the husk scent. We can once again walk among the husks without fear of being attacked. I might even have an idea about a soap to remove the scent after we’re finished.

We’ll begin making larger batches of the curative immediately. In no time at all, we should be able to give everyone at the Serk and in the immediate vicinity a dosage of the curative. Don’t worry, my mistress.

Everything will happen, just as you have foreseen.

—Nostrum Breva

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