Legionary Jadreitha’s Journal Entry

Author: Legionary Jadreitha
Released In:

Recently, we heard increasingly urgent chatter of a sinister magic taking root all across the Weald. Folks said it was more of a feeling than anything else. Made their skin crawl or hearts drop into their bellies. But the stories all had one thing in common: The magic felt almost suffocating at four strange mosaics. One in the north, one in the west, and two in the south. That was enough to warrant an investigation.

My cohort was sent to the north. It was my first time up this way. The country up here is wide open and endless, but the closer we got to the mosaic, the more claustrophobic I felt. Just like the reports said.

At first, I wasn’t sure we’d find anything. The mosaic certainly was unusual, and the air charged with something that just felt wrong, but we didn’t know what we were looking for. Then the sky opened.

The air above us began to rip and tear itself apart, and before we could let out the breaths we’d been holding, writhing threads of energy shot out of a great rift and latched onto shards of glass that split open the earth. One of my friends in the troupe couldn’t get out of the way before glass erupted right beneath her feet.

As we recovered from the shock of what just happened, we noticed little golden spheres wreathed in granules of glass drifting out into the wilds from the shards on the ground. The spheres left wispy trails of falling glass in their wake, like they were beckoning us to follow. After some talks, we decided to split our efforts and do just that to see where they’d lead.

I and three of my cohort members followed one out across the rockiest part of the grasslands. Voices on the wind chased us, taunted us. Made things unpleasant. We eventually pursued the trail behind a great rock slab. None of us were prepared for what we’d find there.

We came across a giant Dremora shrouded in tendrils of golden energy, flanked by all manner of glass Daedra. As we drew closer, it became clear that his had been one of the voices we’d heard, and he was the one responsible for trails of glass- at least, the one that we had followed. It seemed like he was siphoning energy from the realm beyond the rift, with so much power that he carved it into the very air we breathed. Glass began to spread beneath his feet, creeping over the earth and laying waste to everything it touched.

What happened next was all my fault. Fear took me and I dropped my shield, and the Deadra heard right away as it clattered to the ground. They swarmed us, and we fought in vain, having had no time to prepare. I watched in horror as one by one my comrades fell beside me. All alone, I ran. I hid. I feel so much shame.

And so now I wait, either for the Daedra or others in my troupe to find me. Whatever happens first. I wish I had the strength to make it back to Skingrad, to tell everyone about what we found here, but I’m too weak, too injured. I can only wait and detail here what I’ve uncovered.

There are still so many unanswered questions. That giant Dremora was performing some kind of ritual, but for what purpose? And was he the only one? There were three glass trails, so my gut tells me there must be three of them out there somewhere.

Please, if I don’t make it out of here, if anyone should find this, don’t let our efforts go to waste.

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