Report on the Dock Crash

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This book was added in the Ascending Tide DLC

Foreman,We cleared that smoldering wreck from the west docks. It touched off ten sacks of sawdust and a pallet of lumber, but we saved the docks themselves.Oblivion itself must have spit that vessel out. My crews are still counting the number of lightning strikes that blasted the decks. Every mast must have become a torch before they guttered out. Not a soul was found on the ship, yet the dinghies still dangle from the hull. Scorched through and through.Whatever hit this ship must have tossed the lot overboard or they jumped into the sea to escape the blaze.We can’t even discern the name of the ship. I recommend we haul the cursed thing offshore and scuttle it.
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