Letter to Pentarch Draljura

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lady Belain

Pentarch Draljura,

Rada al-Saran assures me that I can rely on you. It has taken me years to prepare the Ghostsong clan for their part in the dark prophecy. I will not tolerate clumsy mistakes at this late hour.

I convinced Nathari that the time has come, that she must perform the ritual required by the dark prophecy. Do whatever she asks to make sure she and her clan are not disturbed. While her hold is strong, the clan may balk when they learn what she actually plans to do. Help them take the final step if needed. Once Nathari seals the door, keep everyone away from the barrow.

I will await the results. I must be there when the ritual awakens the Dark Heart. Remember, the Ghostsong clan represents the surest path to our goals. Do not let anything disturb my pet witch.

Lady Belain

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