Rendarion’s Apology

Author: Rendarion
Released In:

My Dearest Olahanar,

I was shocked to receive your note. Me, angry with you? Never! You won Elinwe's hand fairly and I hold no grudges. My best wishes go out to both of you.

As a token of my desire to remain the closest of friends, I wish you to take advantage of the best fishing spot in all of Cyrodiil. This has been my secret for many years and now, as my betrothal gift, I share it with you.

Northwest of Castle Black Boot lies a chain of small lakes—the Mist Mirrors. Go there and enjoy the finest fishing you have ever seen. The fish practically leap into the boat! Someone who loves fishing as much as you simply cannot pass this up.

I left my boat along the shore for you. Pay no mind to the creatures you think you see patrolling the lakes. These are merely illusions I cast to keep others away from my favorite fishing hole. They will not harm you, just as I would never harm you.


— Rendarion

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