High King Emeric, I Implore You!

Author: Adelil
Released In:

Your Royal Majesty High King Emeric,

Though I am certain you receive many correspondences from the nobility, it is my hope you will give this missive the attention it deserves.

I write to you not only as a downtrodden member of the court, but as an advocate for every man and woman (those of sufficient nobility to be worth noting, at least) who has been slighted and ostracized for no good reason. It is my firm belief that, no matter your family history or how many cats you care for or what special … dietary restrictions you might have, all nobles have the right by birth to inclusion in the court and related gatherings.

For no other reason than sheer prejudice, I have been repeatedly ignored, overlooked, and rejected by those who are my peers. This is a great injustice and it cannot be allowed to continue! My blood is just as good as any other noble's, and I demand to be given the respect I deserve.

Only you can truly command the court, and so you are my only chance for redemption. Please, my King, I beg of you to publicly denounce this treatment so that I might regain the standing I deserve.

Your Loyal Subject,

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