Constable Maldred’s Journal

Author: Constable Maldred
Released In:

I don't remember how long I believed in the principles of "to serve and protect." Recent events have opened my eyes and changed so many things, however. I have a new cause to champion and new allies to support.

If I regret one thing in all this, it's that I will now be forced to oppose my dear friend, Adusa-daro. We have known each other for so very long. I find it almost impossible to imagine that she will now oppose me. I have a vague hope of introducing her to the beautiful Lleraya, of converting her to our way of thinking. But I fear that my efforts will fail. She has well and truly fallen under Verandis' spell and I don't believe that anything I say will change that. I fear that, in the end, the proud and powerful Adusa-daro must die.

Should I record the events that led to my epiphany? No, time is short and I have too much to do right now. Later, surely, there will be time enough to fill these pages with the wisdom I have acquired. Suffice it to say that Lleraya is not a monster. I am quite fascinated by the woman and eagerly wait to spend more time in her enchanting company. For now, let me just write that her words and deeds moved me. That her vision has become my vision. That her goals have become my goals.

And it all starts here, in the quiet hamlet of Moira's Hope. The townsfolk are either well on their way to becoming bloodfiends loyal to our cause or they are dead and dying. Soon, we can spread the gift of Lleraya's blessing to all of Rivenspire—and then the chaos will be glorious!

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